Montréal, le 12 juin 1999
Numéro 39
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          Le FBI dévoilait la semaine dernière sa plus récente liste des 10 criminels les plus recherchés aux États-Unis, qui inclut les plus dangereux meurtriers, terroristes et voleurs du pays. Le directeur national du Parti libertarien a toutefois été surpris de voir que personne sur cette liste ne travaille pour le gouvernement fédéral. Pourtant, selon Steve Dasbach, « des meurtres aux enlèvements, en passant par les agressions sexuelles, plusieurs employés du gouvernement ont commis ce qu'on considérerait comme des crimes haineux si les coupables étaient des citoyens ordinaires. » 
          Tous ceux qui figurent sur la liste du FBI ont commis des crimes violents qui méritent d'être punis. Mais la justice demande aussi que l'on traite également tous les criminels – même si ce sont des politiciens, des directeurs d'agence fédérale ou des bureaucrates. C'est pourquoi Steve Dasbach a offert sa propre version de la liste du FBI, celle des 10 crapules étatiques les plus recherchées:
        1. U.S. Customs Commissioner Raymond Kelly. Crime: Accessory to sexual assault. « Last year, U.S. Customs employees under Kelly's command ordered 2 797 international airline passengers to strip off their clothes at gunpoint, intimately groped them, and conducted humiliating body cavity searches, » said Dasbach. « Ordinary Americans who behave this way are called sex criminals, but Customs inspectors who behave like perverts are given promotions. » 
        2. Justice Department Asset Forfeiture Division Chief Jerry McDowell. Crime: Grand larceny. « Last year, the Justice Department confiscated 42 454 cars, boats, houses, and other belongings – valued at over $604 million – from Americans who were never convicted of any crime, » said Dasbach. « That's theft on a mind-boggling scale, and makes Jerry McDowell one of the criminal masterminds of the century. » 
        3. Marine Corporal Clemente Banuelos. Crime: Murder. « In 1997, Banuelos and three fellow Marines on an anti-drug patrol in Redford, Texas, gunned down 18-year-old Ezequiel Hernandez as he was herding goats near the Mexican border, » noted Dasbach. « Why is cold-blooded murder not considered murder when committed by someone wearing a Marine Corps insignia? » 
        4. President Bill Clinton. Crime: International terrorism. « Osama bin Laden made the FBI's list for killing 224 people in embassy bombings – yet Clinton has killed literally thousands of innocent civilians during his undeclared and unconstitutional war in Yugoslavia, » said Dasbach. « That kind of mass murder of innocents should not go unpunished by a civilized nation. » 
        5. Former NHTSA director Joan Claybrook. Crime: Accessory to murder. « As head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the 1970s, Claybrook forced automakers to install air bags, many of which have malfunctioned and exploded, killing 115 people, » said Dasbach. « If Death-by-Regulation isn't a crime, it should be – and Claybrook should be the first person prosecuted. » 
        6. Social Security Commissioner Kenneth S. Apfel. Crime: Investment fraud. « If an ordinary American did what Apfel and his Social Security co-conspirators do – run a retirement program where the only assets are billions of dollars of IOUs – they would be in jail faster than you can yell “AARP!” » said Dasbach. « Why is the government's Ponzi Scheme, where new investors are paid with money from old investors, not shut down like any other criminal pyramid scheme would be? » 
        7. Attorney General Janet Reno. Crime: Conspiracy to commit murder. « Not even the Mafia would do what Janet Reno ordered done on April 19, 1993: Assault a religious compound with tanks, military helicopters, and poison gas, » said Dasbach. « Yet that's what happened in Waco, Texas – killing 69 men, women, and children. Son of Sam is in jail for committing serial murder: Why isn't Janet Reno? » 
        8. FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi. Crime: Murder. « In 1992, Horiuchi used a high-powered rifle to assassinate Vicki Weaver in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, as she stood in her kitchen holding her 11-month-old infant daughter, » said Dasbach. « You may not like the political views of her husband, white separatist Randy Weaver, but that shouldn't have given government employees the right to declare open season on his family. » 
        9. Drug czar Barry McCaffrey. Crime: Kidnapping, false imprisonment. « Under McCaffrey's direction, 695 200 people were arrested in 1997 for marijuana offenses, 87% of whom were accused of mere possession, » noted Dasbach. « For this victimless crime, these people were arrested at gunpoint, dumped into jail cells, and deprived of their liberty – while millions of violent criminals were allowed to run free. That's the real crime. » 
        10. U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum (R-FL). Crime: Illegal telephone tapping. « Last year, McCollum inserted a roving wiretap provision into the Intelligence Authorization Act of 1998 – giving federal agents the power to eavesdrop on anyone's phone calls without a court order, » said Dasbach. « Unauthorized eavesdropping is a crime: Let's prosecute Rep. McCollum for it. » 
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