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Scott Carpenter is a young entrepreneur living in Victoria, B.C. and the founder and editor of Liberty Free Press.
by Scott Carpenter
          Last week the PM was back on the tube rallying the troops and preparing for another not so distant election. I try not to play too close attention to what these politico wind bags have to say – it's always the same brouhaha about reforming social programs and blah blah blah. In fact, although I am a supporter of many of the Canadian Alliance's economic and social policies, I even find it difficult to sit through their press conferences. So, as a general rule, I just don't. But for some reason – perhaps a masochistic streak buried somewhere deep within my soul – I found myself listening to Chrétien's tirade about how he will carry the Liberals into the next millennium, etc., etc., etc. Nothing out of the usual. That is until the silly old fart had the gal to use the « F » word. 
That Famous « F » Word 
          While physical references (such as the Revelstoke Salute) to the traditional « F » word have been commonplace amongst our Liberal politicians for years I was a little shocked to hear a somewhat different reference coming from the PM's mouth. Yes, it seems this time Chrétien actually had the fortitude to talk about freedom instead of f*#$g. Wonders never cease. 
          So, in light of the conversation, I took my finger off the « channel button » and let him have his say. It seems the PM thinks the slogan used by the Alliance Party of Canada (i.e.: « The Freedom Train ») is way out of line. « How silly can you get, » says the PM, « to say dat Canadians, dey are not free, it is ridiculous! » 
          Is that so? 
          Below I have attached a copy of an open letter to the Prime Minister regarding his stance on this issue... 
Dear Mr. Chrétien, 

          The other evening while watching the news I heard you say that the slogan the Canadian Alliance uses (i.e.: « The Freedom Train ») is silly and that in fact we Canadians are quite free. 
          Well Mr. Chrétien I've got news for you: Freedom means something. It is the absence of force from our lives in matters of decision making where we do not knowingly violate the rights of our fellow human beings.  
          To put it a bit more simply: if we were free we wouldn't be thrown in jail, fined or hunted down like animals for doing that which does not violate the reciprocal rights of our brethren. Nope. We'd be left alone to live our lives free (damn – there's that four letter word again) from your Liberal tyranny. 
          But I digress. 
          You say we are free so it must be so. 

     « If we were free we wouldn't be thrown in jail, fined or hunted down like animals for doing that which does not violate the reciprocal rights of our brethren. Nope. » 
              Since « free » does have a literal and quite lawful definition then am I to take it that I am suddenly absolved of paying forced taxes and of registering myself as a gun owner? Should I take this to mean that as a citizen of a nation with Anglo Saxon Common Law roots that you have returned to me all of the ancient and natural Common Law rights that you, your lawyers and appointed courts have managed to squander over the past one hundred and twenty five years? Does this mean that at last I am free to claim my life as my own, to exercise my full and lawful property rights and to associate with whom I please when and where I please? 
              When you say I am free do you really mean it? 
              Mr. Chrétien – I think you don't know the first thing about freedom. I doubt that any of you and your Liberal cronies do. So here's a little word of advice: Before you have the nerve to blather on about issues as serious as freedom maybe you should do a little research on the subject. Maybe you should pick up a book and do a little reading. Anything by Ayn Rand would be good. Richard Rieben writes great trash about social liberty. Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine (both Nasty Americans) are good as well. 
              More importantly though Mr. PM – please don't bullshit us. We're not as stupid as you believe and your insistence on using such a sacred word as « freedom » in vain is quite frankly, insulting. It would be better if you stuck to talking about « social program reform », « the Canadian identity » and « budget surpluses ». It's more believable and a lot less aggravating. 
              By the way – have you thought about what you're going to do about the deteriorating state of our socialized health care system? I've got an idea or two – give me a shout some time and we'll talk a bit about « social program reform »....  
              Say, Mr. PM – how does it feel to be insulted? 
    Warmest Regards, 
    Scott Carpenter 
    Toiling serf in the Collective Comradeship of Canada – Subservient Member State of the People's Republic of the United Nations.
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