Montréal, 9 juin 2001  /  No 84  
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Scott Carpenter is a young entrepreneur living in Victoria, B.C. and the founder and editor of Liberty Free Press.
by Scott Carpenter
          I've said it for years and I'll say it again: Americans are simply Canadian socialists waiting to happen. Errr... that is our two worlds aren't as far apart as they sometimes seem. More to the point it appears that Americans may be beating us Canuks at our own game in some ways... 
          What? Don't cha believe me? Hmmmm.... then you must be from the US.
          Well, it's true I tell ya. So let's make a few comparisons and explore the similarities between our two « collectives » shall we? 
Us And Them 
          Canada has a graduated income tax system – one of the many planks of the communist manifesto. The US also has a similar tax system backed up by a bigger, meaner and all together nastier bureaucracy: the IRS. The only difference between the two systems is degree of theft. In principle it's all the same dung – just a different and larger pile depending on which side of the border you're on. 
          Canada has a federally controlled police force (the RCMP) that does the bidding of our left-wing, socialist, juggernaught of a government. The US has the FBI, the BATF, the NSA and a whole host of other alphabet soup style thugs to do the bidding of a slightly less left-wing but nonetheless tyrannical government. Which leads me to believe the primary difference between a Republican and a Democrat may simply be spelling. 
          And that brings me to the fact that no matter who we vote for, in either country, we still end up with ranting collectivists whose most important platforms are based around promises to reform social security and health care. God forbid anyone mention liberty. But I digress... 
          Canada has nationwide state enforced, mandatory gun registration and licensing. The US has the Brady Bill, licensing for concealed carry, bans on ownership of all or some firearms in many jurisdictions and a new « gun show bill » in the works that will require all those attending such shows to register themselves in a government data base. 
     « No matter who we vote for, in either country, we still end up with ranting collectivists whose most important platforms are based around promises to reform social security and health care. »
          Private property rights are virtually ignored in both countries by all levels of government from municipal and county right on up to the federal level. Try getting the permits to build an addition onto your own house in order without going totally mad and see what I mean. It's not just the feds who are out of control. 
Both Sides Now 
          Both nations have a legal system that ignores the jury's right to judge the validity of the law in conjunction with the guilt of the defendant. In both nations the concept of justice is lost in a mess of rules and regulations called a legal system. In fact I suspect it may be impossible for justice to exist in such a system at all. Which may very well be the point. 
          Both nations suffer from the bogus war on drugs. Arguably, given statistics on prison populations and Canada's growing tolerance towards the use of pot for medical and recreational use, the US suffers more from this plague than its northern cousins do. 
          The US has truck loads of left-wing, state supporting yuppies and celebrities with budding (Nay! I say blossoming!) political aspirations and a national media bent on the systematic destruction of what little freedom there is left south of the border. Canada has the CBC, the CRTC, the Ministry of Heritage and our most challenging and dangerous opponent in the fight against collectivism in all its forms to ever exist: the Molson Canadian™ beer commercial. 
          Both nations, at any given time, are busy sticking their noses into some other country's business without its permission. Canada does so under the guise of « peacekeeping » and in conjunction with other busy body states. The US does so under the guise of either « diplomacy » or « retaliation » for terrorist activities. Neither country ever formally wages war on anyone unless public opinion is firmly and fully on their side. 
          Both governments are busy brainwashing you into believing everything is OK by using nonsensical nationalist propaganda. Canadians are told we have a « Kinder, Gentler Society » and we're not « Americans » (see Molson beer commercials). Americans are led falsely to believe they live in the « Land of the Free ». I'm still not sure which line of crap turns my stomach more. 
          Both nations are loaded with folks who believe rights are something written down on a scrap of paper and dictated to us by the courts, the legislatures and the « majority ». As a result, both nations have become places where liberty is either a four letter word or forgotten all together. 
          And finally, the US has Alex Trebek and the Barenaked Ladies. Unfortunately, so does Canada. 
          May God have mercy on us all. 
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