Montreal, October 13, 2001  /  No 90  
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Scott Carpenter is a freelance writer who lives, works and plays in Dawson Creek, BC.
by Scott Carpenter
          I haven't written for three weeks now. I've got a few dozen excuses I could give you as to why, but the reason that sticks out the most is simply "why bother"? 
          Oh, yes. I do despair. "Why?" you may ask?
          Well, for starters can anyone tell this ignorant Canuk exactly what an "Internal Passport" or "Department of Homeland Security" is? Can anyone tell me why suddenly the statist thugs among us – those scaly lizards that inhabit our overactive legislatures – are tossing around the term "freedom" with such zeal and reckless abandon? Why is it that our own destroyers want suddenly and so desperately to "save liberty"? Please don't tell me that the events of September 11th changed everything. I've been watching too long to believe it. 
          Indeed, what frightens me most is not a repeat attack or the Muslims in the apartment across the road who are up to all hours – nope – what bothers me most is the hijacking of language, the abuse of literal terminology and the use of words in contexts where they should not be logically applied. 
          For example, they will ask: "But sir, what do you mean you left your passport at home? How dare you protest outside the doors of your local legislature, do you not support freedom? Don't you care about liberty? Aren't you American? You are American aren't you? Then what would possess you to put the 'liberty' of the folks in these buildings at risk? For the sake of freedom and the American way we need you to go home or we will be forced to arrest you." 
          I watched this evening as your new administrator for "homeland security" blathered on about how he will have a job for "every American" (perhaps the giant make work project that every liberal nut has been yapping about for decades?) in securing a new America. Do you suppose he meant that he and the current administration are planning on finally recognizing and respecting your Bill of Rights in whole – including the Second Amendment? I suspect not. 
          America. Get ready for it. 
     « It seems that if you are not "with us" you are "against us" and that all rational thought and criticism has been discarded for fear of being labelled "un-American" or worse. »
          Prepare for "Terrorist Hotlines" where your neighbor – God bless his patriotic soul – will call the boys in black n' blue to report suspicious activities at the house next door. Strange comings and goings after dark he will say. Be prepared for the polite (or not so polite) knock on the door at about 10:00 PM. "Sir, do you have your papers handy?" They'll be very nice at first. "We're only doing our jobs sir, it's for the good of the country." 
          If you have records of firearms ownership, links to your local constitutional militia or even a history of being a loud mouth (like me) then expect a slightly less convenient and polite visit. It's happening here in Canada already. Road blocks are commonplace this hunting season in the "great white north". "Sir, do you have a firearms license? No? Well, we'll have to confiscate your hunting rifle then won't we? Please don't forget your court date. Have a nice day." 
          They're very polite about the whole thing. We are, after all, "consumers" of government services. They wouldn't want to lose their clientele by being rude – would they? 
          But I digress. These are confusing times. It seems that if you are not "with us" you are "against us" and that all rational thought and criticism has been discarded for fear of being labelled "un-American" or worse. In fact, it appears the most heinous mass murder in North American history has done little more than turn America into the collective hell hole Liberals have always wanted. Of course this may very well have been the point. 
          As for me... well, I've never been too concerned about being popular so I'll just come on out and say it. People in glass houses should tend their own dwellings first. My Canadian hovel needs a good scrubbing. I suspect yours does too. When that¹s finished maybe we can think about cleaning up the rest of the planet. Maybe. 
          Until then... 
In Liberty, 
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